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A Mom is Not Just a Mom

By Jeff on August 22nd

Driving to work this morning, I tuned the radio to one of my favorite stations. I was hoping to catch that new Taylor Swift song, but instead my commute was subjected to yet another inane radio game–Battle of the Sexes. Men were asked questions that the station had decided favored female knowledge (whatever that meant). [...]

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The Ugly Side of Viewability Metrics

By Jeff on August 20th

In March, Margaret Gould Stewart, Facebook’s director of product design, gave a compelling TED Talk on the challenges inherent to designing for large-scale Internet. Gould Stewart opened by offering two guidelines for providing the best user experience–audacity and humility. In the video (and come on, watch it! TED is stellar!), Gould Stewart cites audacity as [...]

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Sleeping With the Technology

By Jeff on August 12th

I crawl into bed, and the queen-sized mattress is a full one. I take the left pillow, my laptop takes the right and my phone charges underneath the covers while its chords wind their way down the bed frame. The soft glow of a new message illuminates my sleep-stricken face, and I wonder to myself, [...]

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The Meaning Behind Mobile Content

By Jeff on August 4th

As featured in MediaPost, there has been a rise in mobile content, with an “affinity between mobile devices and small whimsical moments.” The article, although excited by the creativity spurring on such content growth, questions the simple and childish nature of many popular apps. Author Steve Smith leaves readers with a complicated question–why is such meaningless [...]

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Who Are You Wearing May Soon Ask For More Than Just Designers

By Jeff on July 25th

A recent article from MediaBistro asked the question, “Is Technology Advertising Ready for ‘Who Are You Wearing’?” Whether we are ready or not is irrelevant though, as companies have already started to discuss the transformation of clothes and accessories into walking advertisements. As reported by TheHour, “Wearables… promise troves of unique data in areas related to [...]

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The Computer-Human Divide

By Jeff on July 7th

Are computers becoming more human? If this week’s press is any indication, the answer would seem to be yes. As reported by NPR, for the first time ever a computer has successfully passed the Turing Test, an industry’s benchmark for accrediting intellectual thought to machines. Although the bot, named Eugene Goostman, was only able to [...]

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Ad Fraud Solutions Don’t All Have to Come Too Late

By Jeff on July 3rd

Right now, the issues of viewability and ad fraud are being treated like a bad rash that just won’t clear from the face of digital advertisements. They’re annoying, they’re ugly, and rather than preventing them we often find ourselves scrambling for solutions after they’ve already spread. While the Media Rating Council has been working to [...]

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CPM: Confused, Pissed Off, and Moronic

By Jeff on July 11th

“We all know CPM stands for ‘cost per thousand,’” alleged MediaPost, but if some of my friends are any indication, that claim is far from the truth. When asked what CPM stood for, albeit at 9A.M. and before a solid cup of coffee, real people responded– Certified something Crunchy Peanut Butter Muffin A protein used [...]

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Nipping Viewability in the Bud

By Jeff on July 14th

We know that not all online advertisements are watched by users (advertisers themselves probably don’t even watch them). But did you know that some ads are still not even viewable? As reported by MediaPost, despite viewability gains being made by the advertising industry, the issue has not gone away. Its a lot like plucking off [...]

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Socially Minded Advertising–People vs. Profits

By Jeff on July 16th

In 2014 we’ve experienced an upsurge of socially minded advertising, with a wide range of campaigns to address topics such as hunger, the environment, access to housing, body image and self esteem, gender, and sexuality. Despite this variety of topics, these campaigns all have one thing in common—a susceptibility to preference profits over people. Advertising [...]

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The Millennial Consumer

By Jeff on July 22nd

Being a millennial can be a frustrating experience. Baby boomers, awesome–you garnered the strength to survive global warfare and are named after your phenomenal sex lives. Silent generation, damn impressive–economic depression warranted you unquestionable grit and perseverance. But millennials? All we did was have the good fortune of being born at the turn of the [...]

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Nobody ‘Can Even’

By Jeff on July 18th

This captcha has gone viral, receiving mass attention on Twitter and Tumblr. The phrase is a bit silly, but it accurately captures the feelings of frustration that often come with trying to solve a captcha. It’s a lot like this– And it’s not just white girls who are having issues with captchas. According to a [...]

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